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MS. Canonici Or. 22

Oriental Manuscripts Canonici Oriental Collection


Hebrew Bible: Pentateuch

ff. 11r-125r
Hebrew Bible: Pentateuch תורה

Written by Rafaʾel Tsarfati ha-Naḳdan ben Levi, and finished on Monday 5 Adar 5228 (=1468) for Daṿid ben Yoʾab. The copyist was paid by R. Yehosuha manhig ḥanut ba-Ḳasṭilo.

Fols. 1-10 and 126-130 are blank.

Colophon: Colophon of the naḳdan ('punctuator' or 'vocaliser'), Rafaʾel Tsarfati on fol. 125r: לסיים מלאכת הנקוד ביום חמשי לירח אדר שני שנת חמשת אלפים ובר"ך את עמך ... רפאל צרפתי הנקדן ב"כ מהר"ר לוי ... ‬ ‫ והיה שכרי חמשה פרחי’ רחבים קבלתים מכמ"ר דוד יזי"י בכ"ר יואב בעל הספר הזה, היינו קבלתים ממנו על יד כמ"ר יהושע מנהיג חנות בקסטיילו .

As the colophon shows, Rafaʾel got his wage from R. Daṿid ben Yoav, the owner of the book.

Language(s): Hebrew

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: ff. 130
Dimensions (leaf): 157 × 108 mm.
Foliation: Foliation in Arabic numerals.


13 quires of 10 leaves, singatures in Arabic characters by pencil, catchwords at the end of quires.


Italian semi-cursive script.


Not decorated.


Speckled leather binding, gold-tooled.


Origin: [Italy]; 1468 (date of vocalisation)

Provenance and Acquisition

Matteo Luigi Canonici's (1727-1805) collections passed to his brother Giuseppe, and on his death in 1807 to Giovanni Perissinotti and Girolamo Cardina, who divided them. To the former fell the MSS., then about 3550 in number, and, after many attempts to sell them, the Bodleian became the purchaser of the greater part in 1817, for £5444 5s. 1d., or including incidental expenses about £6030, the largest single purchase ever made by the Library. The formal list of volumes handed over was signed on May 18, 1817, and the books probably arrived later that year.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, vol. I, by Adolf Neubauer, Oxford 1886, (No. 47, Catalogue of the Hebrew manuscripts in the Bodleian Library; Supplement of Addenda and Corrigenda to Vol. I No. 47, and on the data of the Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, National Library of Israel with additional enhancements by the cataloguer.


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Digital Images

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MSS R.R. Film No. F 33112


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