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MS. Laud Or. 271

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Perush ha-Tefilot

ff. 1-193
Aharon ben Ḥayyim ben Ḥananel ha-Kohenאהרן בן חיים בן חננאל, הכהן ‬, Perush ha-Tefilot פרוש התפלות

The earliest Ashkenazi codex to be written in a semi-cursive script (M. Beit-Arie).

Beginning is incomplete.

Autography of Aharon ben Ḥayyim ben Ḥananel ha-Kohen. Words 'kohen' are marked on fol. 92v. Marginal notes from scribe, for example: " לא מצאתי יותר " (fol. 110v), " זה סיום מעבר לדף ", " לא מצאתי יותר לא קרוב... ןלא סליחות " (fol. 182v).

Numerous marginal notes in Hebrew, mostly by the scribe?

Colophon: " חזק ונתחזק אהרן ב"ר חיים הכהן לא יזק לא היום ולא לעולם וברוב שלום ישלום ... וכתבתי אילו הפירושים לר’ דוד ב"ר מנחם זצ"ל בשנת תתקפ"ז לפרט " (fol. 190v).
Language(s): Hebrew

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: ff. 193
Dimensions (leaf): 334 × 230 mm.
Foliation: Foliation in Arabic numerals.


Quires of mostly 8 leaves, no signatures catchwords at the end of quires


Incomplete: first folio of the first quire torn out, lower half of fol. 191 cut out; parchment dicoloured, deformed.


Text in two columns expect fols. 111r-135v that is in 1 column. Pricking and ruling are visible.


Ashkenazi semi-cursive script


Ink drawings at the end of the MS on fol. 193v of a woman baking(?) and a knight on horseback.


Brown leather binding, blind-tooled, with the gold-tooled coat of arms of Archbisop Laud in the middle; holes for straps.Fragments of a Latin MS are pasted onto the inner covers.


Origin: [France]; 1226/1227

Provenance and Acquisition

Ownership inscription: "Liber Guil[ielmi] Laude Archiepi[scopi] Cantuarij et Cancellarii Universit. Oxon[iensis] 1636" (fol.1r)

Donated to the Library by Archbishop William Laud (see Summary Catalogue, vol.II, part 1, pp.13-14).

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, vol. I, by Adolf Neubauer, Oxford 1886, No. 1206, Catalogue of the Hebrew manuscripts in the Bodleian Library; Supplement of Addenda and Corrigenda to Vol. I, No. 1206, and on the data of the Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, National Library of Israel with additional enhancements by the cataloguer.


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MSS R.R. Film No. F 16666


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