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MS. Pococke 276

Oriental Manuscripts Pococke Collection


Miscellany of philosophical texts

1. ff. 1r-39v
Baṭalyawsī, ʻAbd Allāh ibn Muḥammad, 1052 or 1053-1127בטליוסי, אבו מחמד עבדאללה בן מחמד, Sefer ʿagolot raʿeynyot ספר עגולות רעיוניות

Moses Ibn Tibon's translation.

Colophon: Colophon on fol. 39v, dated: "נשלמה עגולה רעיונית ... ביום חמשי יום התענית שנת קפ"ה לפרט קטן"
Language(s): Hebrew
2. ff. 41r-59r
Ibn Tibon, Mosheh, active 13th centuryתבון, משה בן שמואל אבן, ʿOlam ḳaṭan עולם קטן
Colophon: Colophon of the scribe Tanḥum ben Mosheh on fol. 55v: "תכל מלאכת עבודת הקבוץ הזה בראשון בשלשי בחתשי בשביעי לשנת חמשת אלפים ושמונים וחמש לבריאת עולם ... פה קשטילו וכתבתיו אני תמחום ב"ר משה זלה"ה למה"ר שלמה בכ"ר יהושע ז"ל והם ששה ספרים"

According to the colophon it was written for Shlomoh ben Yehoshua

Incomplete, in the colophon, the scribe Tanḥum ben Mosheh of Beaucaire (see Sirat, p. 256) mentions six works (books)Another part of the original manuscript is in Paris, BnF (MS hèbr. 923).

Language(s): Hebrew

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: ff. 59
Dimensions (leaf): × mm.
Foliation: Foliation in Arabic numerals starting from fol. 1.


5 quires: i-iv 10, v 10-1. The first 14 quires are missing, they are in Paris, BnF, MS hèbr. 923 (copied in 1424). Signatures in Hebrew characters starting from 15 catchwords at the end of quires.


Text in one column.


Sephardi semi-cursive script.


Full page decorations (fols. 40v, 56r, 56v, 57r)

Full-page illustration (fol. 40r)

Floral full and partial borders (e.g., fols. 1r, 21r, 41r, 55r, 55v)

Decoration around initial word (e.g., fols. 1v, 7r, 7v, 9r, 16v, 41r)


Brown leather binding.


Origin: Castel Durante (Italy); 1425

Provenance and Acquisition

Censors' signatures: "[...]" (fol. 55v); "Fr[a] Hipp[olitu]s 1601"; Latin inscription on fol. 58v: "Ioannis Prot(?)" (fol. 59v)

Edward Pococke's collection of oriental MSS (mostly Armenian, Hebrew and Arabic) was purchased by the Library for £800 in 1692 (see Summary Catalogue, vol. II, p. 1008).

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, vol. I, by Adolf Neubauer, Oxford 1886, No. 1335, Catalogue of the Hebrew manuscripts in the Bodleian Library; Supplement of Addenda and Corrigenda to Vol. I, No. 1335, and on the data of the Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, National Library of Israel with additional enhancements by the cataloguer.


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MSS R.R. Film No. F 22149


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