Hebrew and Judaica Manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford University

MS. Reggio 25

Oriental Manuscripts Reggio Collection


Collection of kabbalistic works

1. ff. 1r-11v
Sefer ha-Temunah (Book 2) ספר התמונה (ספר ב)

With commentary.

Language(s): Hebrew
2. ff. 12v-26v
Perush Shem ben Shivʿim ṿe-stayim פרוש שם בן שבעים ושתים
Language(s): Hebrew
3. ff. 27r-32r
Perush Shemaʿ Yiśraʾel פרוש שמע ישראל
Language(s): Hebrew
4. ff. 33r-39r
Perush Hagadah shel Pesaḥ פרוש ההגדה של פסח
Language(s): Hebrew
5. ff. 40r-41r
Perush Shem ben arbayim ṿe-stayim otiyot פרוש שם בן ארבעים ושתים אותיות
Language(s): Hebrew
6. ff. 41v-42r
Perush ha-tefilot (extract) פרוש התפלות (קטע)
Language(s): Hebrew
7. ff. 42v-43r
Yetsirat ha-golem (extracts) יצירת הגולם
Language(s): Hebrew
9. ff. 56r-59v
Sefer yetsirah ספר יצירה
Language(s): Hebrew
10. ff. 60r-87r
Abraham ben David, of Posquières, approximately 1125-1198(attributed to)אברהם בן דוד מפוסקיר (מיוחס לו), Perush Sefer yetsirah פרוש ספר יצירה
Language(s): Hebrew
11. ff. 88r-101r
Sefer ha-Bahir ספר הבהיר
Language(s): Hebrew
12. ff. 101v-102v
Kabalah me-ʻinyan ha-tefilah קבלה מענין התפלה
Language(s): Hebrew
13. ff. 103r-104r
Neḥunya ben ha-Kanah, active 1st century(attributed to); נחוניה בן הקנה (מיוחס לו), Tefilat ha-yiḥud תפלת היחוד

Probably later addition, written in different hand.

Language(s): Hebrew

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: paper
Extent: ff. 104
Dimensions (leaf): × mm.
Foliation: Foliation in Arabic numerals. Fol. 87 is double. Last two leaves added later (fols. 103-104)


Some signatures, in Hebrew characters no catchwords


Fol. 102 is torn.


Main text mostly in two columns.


Italian cursive script. Apart from no. 13 (fols. 103r-104r) copied by the same hand.


Not decorated.


Brown paper binding.


Origin: [Italy]; [late 15th century]

Provenance and Acquisition

It belonged to Rabbi Isaac Samuel Reggio's (1784-1855) library, which was purchased en bloc by the Bodleian Library in 1853.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, vol. i, by Adolf Neubauer, Oxford 1886, No. 1557, Catalogueof the Hebrew manuscripts in the Bodleian Library; Supplement of Addenda and Corrigenda to Vol. I No. 1557), and on the data of the Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, National Library of Israel with additional enhancements by the cataloguer.


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Digital Images

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MSS R.R. Film No. F 16925


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